Title tag optimization tips 3


Title tag optimization tips

Title tag Optimization make most impact on SEO. Title tag is first thing that discovered the eye of the User also search engines. Search Engine’s will show the Search result as shown in the attached image below. Title tag is showed as the Link of the particular page content and the Search query keywords will highlighted with bold in the title tag and meta Description.

Definition of Title Tag

Best Example for title tag in html is subject or a lesson title. In book lesson or subject title describes the hole content of the lesson or subject exact on this manner in websites the title tag describe the content of the page.

Make it for humans not for Search Engines


Always humans are search internet for something they needed to know or buy. So the title tag for the human should be more relevant to the topic in the page much more relevance will make the human spend more time on the page. So in human point of view the search result title should be the first part they looking which one is good for their exact need.

Best Practices make the title tag good for humans

  • Should be more relevant to the page content.
  • Should be readable for the humans.
  • More descriptive about the content.
  • Shot and Sweet to read.

Search Engine view of the Title tag

In html the tag present in the <head> section so it will be the first part the search engine crawl from the page content so, it must be descriptive about the page texts.

Search engine point of view is also like the same view as human view in these days. Because of spamming increasing search engines also make them more accurate and efficient to list down the search results as much as the human wants.

No more keyword stuffing and all other spamming things in the title tag will never work again. Effective algorithms of search engine like Google make harder to come in front of the search. If the content and title is match then only the result is displayed in-front otherwise it consider as spam.

Best Practices make the title good for Search Engines

Search engine view is much as more relevant to user view small points will be changed from the user view compared with search engines view.

1. Keyword usage count

Using same keyword more than two times is not recommended practice of the situations in the SEO. Because it’s misunderstood like as spamming the Keyword in title.

Repeating the keyword more than one time title is preferable to use the synonyms of the keyword.

Concentrate one or two Keywords more than two keyword for the same post it’s not greater idea to in front of the row in search result. Better Choose for Keyword Phrases.

Learn What is the Safe Keyword Density

2. Maximum Usage of Characters and words

Each and every Search Engine may be deferred with the count of the Characters but we will see which one is best fit for Google. The reason for the Google is most wanted search engine for the real people.

Optimized Title tag Length in Maximum Characters is 70 Characters. We can use more than this but that will not display in the result given by the Google. So keep your Keywords before this limit to Show your Keyword to your Visitors. Right Now Google is showing 65 to 70 Characters it’s vary. So keep it within 65 Characters.

Recommended word count is 10 to 12 words. This is not from any search Engine this is just from the calculation mostly more than this words not consider as much as related to the topic because the left side part of the title is the most wanted part for the search engines

3. Use of Stop Words

Using the stop words in title is not preferable because Search engines negate the stop words mostly. Stop words like the, an, a, etc. If you feel the user will search the query with the stop word regularly then you may use that.

4. Keyword Placement

Top Keyword must be positioned front in the title; secondary keyword must be after this. Keyword in-front of the title makes it in-front of the result for the keyword queries in search engines.

If you use Key Phrases then all word in the keyword phrase must be prsent in the title more then the sequance of the keyphrase in order means is too good.

Example : Key Phrase is Best Title Tag Optimization

  • The full keyphrase must be present.
  • All words must be present.
  • Words are need to be place before 65 characters
  • Keep the Count of the word will not make it as spam

Use On Page SEO Tool to find your title tag is well Optimized. Using this tool you can also improve other tags and On Page Optimization of the Web Page.

5. Title tag Uniqueness

During Title tag Optimization that must be unique between pages of the site is important repeating the same title may confuse the search engine to which one is the relevant content try to avoid the Duplicate content issue by the use of Canonical URL Optimization. Pick up Unique title for every page in the website.

6. Reflect the Page Content

It must be reflecting the content of the page so, choose the title as much as relative and descriptive about the page content. Try to select as short and sweet to read.

7. Place of Branding Keyword

Placing the branding keyword is also important to discover the loyalty searcher of our website. Place your Brand name as showed in above “– BEST SEO IDEAS” keep this in last is preferable because, we need the First place for our main keyword.

That’s it play around your old title tags with this tips may rank high in search engine because of this optimization.

Hope this would give you some Best SEO Idea for you about the tag and how to optimize the title.

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