Download and Install elementary luna


  1. Introduction
  2. How to download elementary OS
  3. Important things to consider before installation
    • Windows Users
    • Apple Mac Users – coming soon
  4. What to expect during the installation process
  5. Installation Guide (step by step)
  6. What next?

Recommended reading for beginners: What is elementary?


This guide is in two parts:

  1. How to download elementary OS and prepare your installation media
  2. Step by Step instructions: How to install elementary OS

Installation of the elementary OS is generally performed with a live cd/dvd or a live USB drive. You can download a disk image (.iso) of the CD, which can then either be written (burned) to a physical medium (CD, DVD or USB stick), or optionally run directly from a hard drive.

There are three different ways you can install elementary OS once your media is prepared, they are:

Try it

  • This option will run directly from your CD/DVD Rom without impacting your current operating system .
  • Simply put the CD/DVD media into your computer then reboot.
  • When your done trying, simply take the disk out reboot and your current operating system will resume.
  • This method requires the least commitment from you and your computer, however will probably affect the quality and speed of elementary’s performance.

Full install

  • This option will completely replace your current operating system with elementary OS.
  • A full installation will run the fastest and smoothest on your computer, but requires your full commitment to leave your old operating system.
  • Be sure to backup/copy all your personal files to another device before attempting this method as they will not be retrievable.

Dual Boot

  • This will install elementary on your computer alongside your current Windows or Mac operating system.
  • Whenever you start your computer, you will have the option of choosing to boot into elementary or Windows/Mac OS.
  • You will be prompted to decide how much disk space to allocate for elementary OS.
  • The remaining disk space will be kept for your current operating system.


You might consider accessing this guide from a mobile device or a printed copy as it will not be accessible on your machine during the installation process

How to download elementary OS

The download is an ISO image which you will need to burn onto a CD or DVD or a USB stick.

If your planning to install elementary OS on an Apple OSX machine the preferred method is cd/dvd.

Advice from the official elementary OS website

  • elementary is currently built for two processor architectures, 32-bit and 64-bit. If this sounds a bit technical for you, never fear: If you know you have a newer computer with a 64-bit processor, choose the 64bit version.
  • If your computer is older or you do not know which type of processor your computer has, choose the 32-bit version. (64-bit processors will still be able to run this version).

Go to the official elementary OS download page

  1. Select 32bit or 64bit architecture
  2. Select download method (Direct or Torrent)
  3. You will be prompted to make a voluntary donation however, if you are not ready to make a donation (you can do this later). Just clear the suggested $10 then proceed to download.
  4. Locate the (.iso) image of elementary OS and burn it to you chosen media.

Important things to consider before Installation


For Windows Users

You must follow these steps if you plan to dual boot with a Windows 8 or newer Windows PC. This tutorial will disable Windows UEFI “Secure Boot”

  1. In your BIOS locate and disable the following 3 things
    • QuickBoot/FastBoot
    • Intel Smart Response Technology (SRT).
    • FastStartup.
  2. Boot your PC using your Live elementary OS DVD or USB and choose “Try elementary”.
  3. If you get a Secure boot or signature error, you may need to disable SecureBoot as described in this link then reboot the disk.
  4. Install elementary OS in the usual manner described below.

For Apple Mac Users

Coming Soon

What to expect during installation

  • You should allow 30 minutes for installation on an average computer
  • Place your cd/dvd into the tray and reboot your computer
  • If you are using a cabled connection for your internet its recommended you connect this before the reboot
  • Wait for the installation interface to appear (this may take a few minutes)
  • Select the primary language you intend to use and click next
  • If you are connecting to the internet through WIFI now is a good time to connect. (Select the WIFI icon Top right) and enter your pass-code if you have one)

Installation Step by Step Guide

1: Insert the installation media you selected then reboot your machine. It takes a few minutes for the installation media to initiate

The first screen you will be greeted with
The first screen you will be greeted with
  • Hit the install option (assuming that’s what you intend to do)
  • A second screen will display asking you to confirm what type of installation you want to proceed will be displayed. You are required to check one of the following options
  1. Erase disk and install elementary OS
  2. Run elementary along side your current operation system
  3. Something Else (not described above for advanced users only)



If you select “erase disk” the screen below will be displayed. If you select “run along side” the screen below will displayed only after you enter how much disc space you want to allocate to your elementary OS

  • The next screen (below) is a final check that your system is ready to proceed with the installation.
  • Ideally your internet connection is on, however you can still proceed without this.
  • Check the box beside “Download updates while installing”, and “Install this third-party software” only if your internet is connected. Then select continue
The second screen you will be greeted with
The third screen you will be greeted with if you proceed with a full install

On the 4th installation screen you will be asked for the following

  • Enter your name in full
  • Give your computer a host name
  • Pick a user name the choose a password (normally your first name)

Note unlike Windows all passwords in elementary OS are case sensitive

  • Select Require my Password to log in (you can change this option later)
  • Then press continue and elementary will begin to install.
  • You will be prompted a few more times when the install begins to select your time-zone and keyboard layout language.
  • Depending on your computers speed and your internet connection the installation will take approximately 20 minutes.
  • When the installation is complete its important to remove your installation media before restarting your computer.

What Next?

If you experienced some difficulty during the installation visit the elementarynow forum and describe your issue.

or visit Things to do after Installing elementary then the elementarynow software/application zone.



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